£1,500 for an adult ASD assessment. Allow up to four hours (Contact us before booking an ASD assessment if you are new to the clinic)

£900 for a comprehensive online ADD/ADHD diagnostic consultation via videolink (adults over 18). Allow two hours.

£180 for a 45-minute online follow-up consultation (existing clients only)

Dr Read has decided to stop offering ASD assessments to new clients for now since it is a developing area, with shifting diagnostic trends and expectations. The clinic is very busy and we can’t do everything, so are stepping back from this interesting and dynamic area for now, but watch this space. Our view is that anyone who can be diagnosed with ASD can automatically also be diagnosed with ADHD, but not vice versa and ADHD medication is by far the most effective treatment for either condition, so book an ADHD assessment and ASD comorbidity can be discussed in the assessment. If Dr Read feels that you might also reach full diagnostic thresholds for ASD you can book that assessment afterwards.

Diagnostic consultations are online via Zoom video link. We will send you the link before the assessment, and invoice you on the day. We do recommend logging into Zoom before the session as Zoom can often need updating.

You can use our Annual Shared Care Review Letter service by completing our online form.

Use our standard review generator if you do not need to speak to a doctor and are happy with your medication with no changes required. Please get your weight, height, blood pressure and pulse beforehand as you will need to input them. Once submitted we will generate your review and send to you to forward to your GP.

If you have any questions or issues you should book a review instead

Cost: £30.00

Sadly, Dr Read does not see under 18’s, but we are happy to offer recommendations for trusted professionals if you contact us.

We need to make sure that there is suitable local medical support for you, wherever you are. We, therefore, place some emphasis on being able to contact a local medical service, often a GP, if we feel we really need to. This doesn’t mean that we will insist on talking to your GP about you, just that we need to know that you have a local medical service to which we can refer if necessary

ADHD Consultancy Ltd believes that easy access to mental health support is beneficial to people experiencing mental health problems or distress. As such we will not impose unnecessary barriers to accessing our service which may deter some people from accessing our support. However, in some circumstances it is important to ensure that people seeking a service are providing accurate details about their identity. Such circumstances include:

1. If medication is being prescribed

2. If referral on to other agencies is considered.

Photo ID will be required to confirm identity which will be undertaken at the first video consultation.


  • Please enter your address for our records
  • Please enter your date of birth. Thank you.
  • How do you describe yourself?
  • Your GP details will be used in the report. We work by email and need to be able to contact your GP, but unless it is an emergency, we ask your consent before sending anything to your GP. Your report is sent only to you
    Whichever of our caring and approachable consultant psychiatrists you choose to see, you will get a high quality patient centred assessment
  • Please can you tell us what you would like to achieve from the consultation; previous diagnoses and treatments; also anything you would like Dr Read to know about when she sees you. Thank you.
  • Please tell us what medications you are taking. If you have previously been given any medication for ADHD it would be very helpful to have names, details and if they helped. Thank you.
  • We are always looking to improve and so if you have any comments or suggestions please do tell us what you think. Many thanks
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.