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"Doctor Read was recommended to me by my GP, she is so approachable, (I never thought a psychiatrist could be so nice! ) compassionate and experienced in the field. It’s a very complex / emotional issue, so much more than the more simple, stereotypical, out of touch disorder a lot of people view it as! Plus, it can affect women quite differently. Doctor Read knows all about it! She put me at ease from the very beginning and continues to assist me whenever needed. I definitely feel supported and would recommended."

"After 27 years I finally managed to get the answers to explain a lot about myself, Dr Read was amazing she was very relaxing when speaking with myself and kept me at a same level throughout my assessment. I would highly recommend using these guys especially Dr Read, she really is amazing. Thank you so much." 

"I would recommend this service to anyone. I saw both Dr Read and Dr Kretzschmar, who really put me at my ease and were kind and approachable. The appointments are extremely thorough and both doctors have helped me immensely. After the appointments, it is extremely easy to contact them and to arrange follow ups." 

" Thank you Dr Read - my diagnosis has saved my life. I have carried a lot of shame around for years, so it has been a huge relief to make sense of things and finally arrive here.  I did not feel rushed during assessment and it was compassionate, informed and thorough. Now I am in the process of trying medication. My GP agreed to “shared care” - which is fantastic. Would certainly recommend this service." 

"Dr Read is a truly incredible doctor. If you are looking for validation, kindness and support - I would not recommend anywhere else. Thank you Dr Read for making things make sense. For helping me realise I’m not just lazy and useless, and for helping me live a life that I feel good about". 

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