Useful Resources

There is a great deal of useful material about ADHD online, in books and via support groups. Here are some resources we have picked out….do let us know if you come across anything you think we should add to the list.

The ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast:

Dr Helen Read and Kate Moryoussef ADHD Medication and Treatment: demystified by a psychiatrist”

Finally….research we can trust in ADHD

Unfortunately, the internet is chock full of misleading and scary information about ADHD, Even reputable sites seem to have struggled to separate good quality research and evidence-based information from bias and supposition. Check out this international consensus review of all available published data. Keep it on your desktop for when you read something scary…

Fascinating presentation on RSD and how to treat it

Dr William Dobson has a fascinating presentation on RSD and how to treat it.

Some YouTube content we like..

King's College London: Neurobiology Animation

Jessica McCabe – What is ADHD?

Only Human (Adult ADHD Documentary: ADHD – Not Just for Kids

Some suggested reading