Dr Helen Read talks with Matthew Bellringer

Ever been told you’re doing things the hard way?

Dr Helen Read 18 Oct 2021

Ever been told you’re doing things the hard way? Do you feel your jaw clench when you hear a sentence beginning with “why don’t you just…”?

We don’t have to do everything from scratch, but solutions to complex life problems can never be one-size-fits-all. If you’re significantly different from those around you this can be even harder. There can be unseen reasons why the “simple” solution isn’t available to you. The direct approach to the problem might be denied to you altogether.

Join Helen Read and I as we find out what it means to do things the hard way. We’ll explore why “hard” is not always the same thing to different people. We’ll look at the ways “good practice” can get in the way of what really works. We’ll share our own experiences of finding easier ways of doing things that work for us.